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The Law of Attraction and Relationship

It's a guarantee that someone who makes a practice of understanding and using the law of attraction will see changes in their relationships with others. The changes in relationships occur because of a change in your vibrational level. These relationship changes can take the form of new relationships or shifts in existing relationships. In this article, we'll look at some kinds of change in relationships as well as strategies that you can use to hold or regain your place of alignment.
The Goal of Alignment
The goal is to be in alignment with Source and your higher self as much of the time as possible. By being in this state, you will attract the kind of high quality relationships that you want. The law of attraction assures that you will generally attract people who are at similar vibrational levels as you are.
Sometimes you think you will have attracted someone who doesn't vibrate near your level, but the law doesn't make mistakes. You may have some resistance that you were not aware of. You have some work to do. Try some of the specific strategies for improving relationships I will suggest near the end of the article.
Resentment or Anger from the Other
One kind of change that occurs is outright resentment or anger from the other person towards you. At some level, they know that you are changing, and they don't like it. They may come up with a reason for their behavior that puts you at fault. Their goal is for you to give in and change back to your old ways. It is up to you to remain firm in your commitment to your improved vibration. This relationship will either improve or will just phase out in favor of a new relationship with another.
I had a friend that began to find fault with me regularly as I began to be in alignment more of the time. I had to work consistently to stay in a good place in the face of the criticism I was receiving. After all was said and done, the result was spending less time in contact with that person. I harbor no resentment of my own, as I know that this person was coming from a place of pain and insecurity.
The Relationship Ends
In the second change scenario, the other person may take action to end the relationship. Again, they know at some level that you have changed. They may blame you for the end of the relationship by using some justification or rationalization. While you may feel some discord or negative emotion, it is important to regain your alignment and put everything into perspective. Trying to hold onto a relationship in this case will only throw you out of alignment.
You might be the one to take action that ends the relationship. There is no reason to stay in a relationship where you are being treated abusively. The fact that you are in alignment more often may mean that your self-respect has improved to the point where you need to do this. Just be sure when you end a relationship that are not doing it from a place of anger and hurt but from a place of love and forgiveness.
The Relationship Changes for the Better
A third possibility is that the relationship begins to morph into a new and better relationship. It's like you have a new relationship with the same person. Sometimes this can happen gradually and quietly, other times suddenly. Sometimes there may be periods of distancing or anger before the transformation period occurs.
Relationship Strategies
So you find yourself in a relationship that needs improvement. No big deal, it happens to all of us all the time. Below I am going to explore some strategies that you can use in different situations.
  • Send love from your heart center. This one you can do quickly in a pinch. Let's say you get pulled over by an ornery police person. Before they even get out of the car, send love from your heart directly to them. Visualize a white light emanating from your heart and going to them. Put a little smile on your face as you take a slow, deep breath. This strategy takes some practice, especially when you get caught out of alignment. There is no guarantee you will get out of a ticket, but you will definitely feel better about the whole process. Yes, and you might just save yourself some time and money to boot.

  • See that person as who they really are. See the other person in the relationship as having the qualities you desire them to have. Do this regardless of what they have shown you in the past. Practice visualization of that person being kind, loving, self-sufficient, or whatever. You know deep down they are capable of it. Catch them in the act when they show you a little bit of what you are looking for and praise them heavily.

  • Release attachment to outcome. This strategy is complimentary to the other two strategies. You can't base your reaction on how they behave. Your disapproval of their bad behavior does nothing in the long run. You have to let then go and do what they will; only then can you appreciate them for who they really are. It is a bit of a paradox to release attachment to outcome while expecting the best from them, but you are capable of it.
Relationships are an important part of your experience here on earth. Take the time to make the most of them

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