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How To Save A Troubled Relationship Right Now/troubled relationship/12/31/2016

We all have dealt with this at one point or another. Your relationship is on the rocks. You can't seem to come to terms on anything. You are downright feeling tired and depressed with the whole situation, but you want it to work out. You love this person.
The first thing you have to realize is that relationships are complex, and you need to really understand why your relationship is in the ditch. In order to do that you need to look at things in an objective fashion. Look at the situation from both your and your partners point of view and understand where you are both coming from, and where the problems for each of you lie. When you communicate with your partner communicate this in a positive way. Don't place blame, that is the quickest way to make the conversation deteriorate into an argument.
Take Responsibility
Take responsibility for your actions. Acknowledging to your partner those things you may be responsible for and taking ownership of those things shows her/him that you are serious about saving the troubled relationship. You want to convey to them the priority you place on the relationship and your part in it.
Obviously emotions play a big part in saving the troubled relationship. When you are talking with your partner do your best to put any negative emotions aside. Also consider putting off any communication if you or your partners emotions are running high.
On the other side, realize also that some people tend to show a lot of emotion, while others tend to bottle it up. Understand this aspect and where each of you fall in this area. Also remember that showing positive emotions to your partner is essential. Show her/him how much they mean to you, and tell them how much you love them. This is very important for some people. In some way, we all want to be loved, or feel that the other needs us, and we are valued in the relationship.
One word of caution on emotions. Emotions can also cause you to be overbearing on your partner. Give your partner the space they need and avoid being emotionally overbearing. More information on this and other issues can be found at the bottom of this article.
One could write volumes on how to save a troubled relationship, and relationship management in general. What I've covered here are a few of the basic areas you need to address to reconnect and stay connected with your partner. In closing, always remember to consider your partners thoughts and feelings in your decisions throughout daily life. The little things, and sometimes most insignificant things, like holding hands, or a rose on a pillow can make the biggest difference.
Wishing You Happiness and Health

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