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Deal With a Cheating Wife./01/23/2017/cheating wife/long distances relationship problem

As part of this topic continues,cheating wife or cheating husband maybe happening in a current relationship after reading this at least you have some points to remember to prevent this to happen.

 Are you struggling to deal with a cheating wife?
There's no doubt that the pain of infidelity is both devastating and confusing, and many men have absolutely NO idea how to proceed when they find out their wife is cheating.
However, with the rate of infidelity reaching upwards of 50% in the U.S., you're certainly not alone in your search for help regarding your unfaithful wife.
The #1 problem that I know many men struggle with is understanding exactly what it is that they should be wanting their wife to do after the affair.
Are you wondering: 
  • What should your wife do to earn back your trust?
  • How can she show you that she really loves you?
  • Which expectations should you expect your wife to meet, OR ELSE?
As you continue reading this article I'm going to be discussing the issues outlined above, doing everything in my power to make it easy for you AND your wife to recover from her infidelity.
It's Her Responsibility to Own Up to Cheating
This may not apply to you, but many men find out about their wife's affair BEFORE they confess to it.
If your wife has yet to actually come clean with you about her unfaithfulness to you and your marriage, then you're still stuck at step 1, and there's a very strong possibility that your marriage will never recover.
I'm sorry to say it, but the truth of the matter is that if your wife is continually deceiving you, then you're on the road to divorce and unhappiness.
Every day that goes by without her confession is another day that you KNOW she's two timing you. That feeling of knowing you're being lied to is very hard to recover from, and if she doesn't confess soon then you may never be able to look at her the same way again.
Your Wife Has to Own Up to the REAL Reason She Cheated
If you've read any of my other articles, then you already know that I'm a HUGE advocate of the cheater being the one to diagnose their affair.
It's been proven time and time again that one of the most therapeutic and beneficial things that anyone who's cheated can do to get back into the marriage is to take some time to carefully consider why she cheated.
You can refer her to this article to get started. Here are some possibilities for why she cheated: 
  1. Sex - She has physical needs and another man was there to meet them, plain and simple
  2. Midlife Crisis - She feels as if her days of youth are numbered, so she reacts by bagging typically a younger guy
  3. Emotional Infidelity - She's fallen in love with a co worker or close friend and became physical in a moment of weakness
These are the 3 most common reasons that women cheat, although that's just my experience. If your wife can successfully identify the cause of her affair, then you'll be a lot closer to a healthy marriage, because you'll know what's lacking.

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