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5 keys to a successful LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP

Key #1
Making time to talk every day is the most important thing you can do for you long distance relationship. You have to set time aside every single day to talk to your partner. Even if it's just for an hour; it's crucial to keep the closeness of the relationship going. Don't pick a time when you're on your way somewhere or have any kinds of distractions. All a distracted environment will do is make your partner feel unimportant and ignored. Not being able to be close to one another is hard on both of you so it's very essential to insure that there is no confusion about what your priorities are
Key #2
Over communicating is another good practice when you are in a long distance relationship. It's hard to trust in the fact that your love isn't out there creeping behind your back. Communicating the little details will help eliminate this problem drastically. Make sure you know each others schedules and all the little daily routines that you both due. A simple text once you've left work and got home goes a long way. Sharing your frustration about the traffic or an issue at work is just as important as the major things that go on in your life whether its losing your job or the loss of a loved one. You have to treat all conversations as you would if you were living under the same roof.
Key #3
Just because you aren't in the same state doesn't mean you can't go on romantic dates from time to time. Set up times to watch the same movie and discuss it over the phone with one another. Find an online game you too can play together; it's amazing how much fun it can be. The advances in technology are infinite, there's Skype, AIM, texts, picture messaging, and the list goes on. There are all these different ways to communicate and even see one another. Web chat dates are awesome it makes you feel so much closer to them and gives you the opportunity to talk face to face. This keeps having the "out of sight, out of mind" mentality completely out of the picture. This way if there are any feelings floating around about the eye to eye contact the long distance dates will definitely help in saving a long distance relationship.
Key #4
In high school it was always nice to get a note from that special someone or even just from a best friend. Adapt that system and make it your own. Email has made it so easy to be lazy and make us forget that we know how to use a pen and paper. Write them a letter telling them why you love them and what saving a long distance relationship like yours means to you. Seeing your hand writing and smelling your scent on the paper will immediately make them feel right next to you. It creates a sort of excitement waiting for them to get the letter and then anticipating the reply in the mail. It's wonderful what the different forms of communication will do for how you feel about each other as well as the closeness you feel.
Key #5
Last but certainly not least; saving a long distance relationship takes an optimistic mind. You cannot get negative and spend time repeating over and over that you miss each other and how hard this is. You have to remind each other how much you love each other and how this long distance is worth it. Tell them that you'll see each other soon. Also make sure you're making plans to see one another. Southwest Airlines is very affordable so there is always a way to make it work. Show them that you're going to do whatever it takes to make your long distance relationship survive.

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