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Gift Ideas For Long Distance Relationship/gift ideas/12/31/2016

Are you in a long distance relationship? Are you looking for gift ideas for your long distance relationship to bring the two of you closer together? Are you stumped in trying to figure out some good ideas for long distance relationship gifts? What are some good gift ideas?
Being in a long distance relationship is tough. Because of the distance between the two of you, it can be difficult to remain close contact with each other. One way to keep the fire going despite the miles is by giving each other gifts. Whether these are surprise gifts or not, they will be appreciated and they will remind your partner of your love for him.
Swap Clothes
This doesn't mean that you all of a sudden begin cross dressing, but sometimes it is nice to have an article of clothing from your partner to sleep in. A man's t-shirt is a great idea and it will remind her of him every time she turns in for the night.
Visit the Post Office
In this day of instant messaging and emails, we can sometimes forget to write a regular card or letter. A great long distance relationship gift idea is a simple poem or romantic card dropped in the mail to let your partner know how much you love them and how much they mean to you.
Another great gift idea for a long distance relationship is a photo. The catch, however, is to send a photo of only a small part of your body. Then send another and another until he has a full image. You can make these image as nice or as naughty as you would like.
Surprise Weekend
There is no better gift for a long distance relationship than the gift of being able to spend time together. Try planning a surprise visit to go see your boyfriend or plan a weekend to another spot. You can also try sending your partner hints on what to pack so he can be totally surprised when he gets to your final destination.
Buy a Book
Long distance relationships can thrive when the two people are doing the same thing, but in different cities. Try buying your partner a book he would love and then the two of you read the same book at the same time. This will give you both something good to share and you can also start a nice library at the same time.
Leave Surprises
When you have been with your partner for a few days, don't leave without leaving behind a few surprises for him to find. You can tuck these in places like a wallet, car or even in the refrigerator. They will be a nice reminder of your love and he will find himself looking in anticipation for the next surprise. Being in a long distance relationship can be rough, but by taking the time to come up with some unique gifts for each other, you can make the time you spend separated go by quickly and easily.

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