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The Do's And Dont For Long Distance Relationship/LDR Relationhip/12/31/2016s

In a society where we continue to move our lives to the online world, people are increasingly engaging in long distance relationships. Making this type of relationship work requires a lot of effort from both partners but it is not impossible (although at times it may seem that way). If you follow the guidelines I've written here, you will have a much more fulfilling long distance relationship.
Prepare. You and your partner need to prepare for the long road ahead (it will be long - not matter the duration you'll be apart). Mentally preparing yourself early will help you later on when you begin to feel negative emotions about the relationship. Talk with your partner and have a game plan in case these feelings begin to surface.
Communicate. The common theme of the articles I write emphasize the importance of communication. Communication is quite possibly the most important aspect of any relationship and plays an even larger role in an LDR because 99% of the time, communication is all you have. Express your feelings about the relationship, personal and work life and everything in between often. Don't restrict yourself to only using the telephone - use e-mail and video chat (like Skype) too.
Trust your partner. Trusting your partner is as equally important as communication. Dealing with separation brings forth a lot of emotions and one that you should desperately avoid is suspicion. A solid foundation of trust is an absolute necessity in order to have a successful LDR.
Plan. Plan to meet with your partner at least every three months. Some LDRs are only a few hours' drive away but sometimes they involve being in entirely different countries. It's important to plan on when you and your partner can meet and gives you both something to look forward to. Plan dates with each other on the phone or Skype. I have had countless movie and dinner dates all via video chatting - it doesn't beat being together and smearing brownie batter on your partners' nose but sometimes it's as good as it gets.
Don't violate your partners trust. Degradation in trust can lead to suspicion and other negative feelings that can cripple a relationship almost instantly. It's important to uphold trust and communication as much as you can in an LDR.
Don't suffocate your social life. Having a fulfilling social life will help you ward off the loneliness of missing your partner - isolating yourself from the world will not help your relationship grow. Different people have different social needs and it's important that you express that to your partner while you prepare for and communicate about your LDR.

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