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long distances relationship statistics/01/30/2017

So is your partner is leaving for another country or city? Are you skeptical about long distances relationships statistics? Are you thinking of ending the relationship because you are worried that your relationship may not last? What if I told you that there are long distance relationship statistics that says this kind of romance can last?
It is not surprising that even in this day and age; many people are still doubtful whether a relationship can survive even if there is distance between couples. Even with the advancement in communications technology and transportation, it is still very hard to make a romance work when the two people involved in it are miles apart from the other.
Aside from distance itself, there are many different things that can make cause problems to a relationship. Apart from distance, such type of relationship also lack in touch and intimacy which are important factors that make a relationship. Just imagining a situation where you can only kiss and hug your partner once a month will make you think twice about having such a relationship.
However, do you know that according to long distance relationship statistics, LDR's have as much chance to work as proximal relationships do?
Now to start with, a recent study conducted by the Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships (CSLDR) reveals that job commitments, studies and military deployment are three of the main reasons why couples subject themselves in LDR. In their study, they also revealed that 2.9% married couples in the United States alone are having LDR. Just imagine 3.75 million couples are involved in such a relationship and it totally works for them!
In addition to this, about 10% of married couples in US started in LDR. In addition to these, there are about 75% engaged couples who also started from LDR until they decided to live closer together. Also, about 32.5% of college relationships are also involved in this type of relationship.
Furthermore, the average distance between LDR couples is about 125 miles and the average month for LDR couples to decide to live closer together is about 14 months. Also, couples involved in LDR visit each other about 1.5 times per month. LDR couples also make an average 1 call every two days and spend about 30 minutes talking to each other on each call.
According to the Center for the Study of LDR, 27% of couples break up on the first month of the relationship. This percentage escalates to about 37% during the first 3 months and goes to 42% on the first 6 months. However, the percentage plummets to about 11 percent during the first 8 months and further decreases to about 8% during the first year of the relationship.
With these long distance relationship statistics, it can be very reassuring to know that LDR's become stronger as time goes by. All you need now is to be vigilant when it comes to your relationship and do everything you can in order to make sure your relationship works even if there is distance between you and your partner.

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