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How To LEARN to TRUST again after my wife CHEATED me/01/23/2017/long distances relationship problems

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If you find yourself saying, "My wife cheated on me" then you certainly have a reason to feel lost and alone. What makes it worse is you felt something was wrong but was told, "It's your imagination---you just don't trust me!" then finding out you were right, how to learn to trust again isn't going to be easy.
Why did My Wife Cheat on Me?
There are a lot of reasons your wife would find herself cheating on you. The key reason though is for fulfillment. That is something she should have went to you for or maybe you should have been listening if she did.
Let me explain.
The marriage starts out a happy one but after accumulating everything she wanted her happiness gets deflated. She thinks it is her, the way she looks, or something psychological. It is sort of like a mid-life crisis for woman.
After running out of reasons what it could be, she finds she just isn't getting fulfilled. She'll strike out and experiment at first (just to see if she can do it). Then she finds she can't help herself after repeated flirts with the same guy outside the marriage.
You are not to blame for the affair nor are you negligent for not seeing it coming on. You did have a responsibility though to share in making an environment within the marriage that promotes fidelity, happiness and communication. It is unfair for you when you find out but coping, healing and moving on will get you past the affair.
Why How to Learn to Trust Again is Important
Finding out, you can't stop thinking to yourself, "My wife cheated on me". Right now it looks like the marriage is over because of the affair. But also you must remember a few things first before deciding.
You and your wife had some good times and been through some tough times. This could be just the toughest thing you both will have to work through. And each time you got through a tough time before, it just made the marriage stronger.
Another thing to remember you don't know any of the particulars. You need to think about yourself first, heal with everything out on the table and then decide how to proceed with the marriage. Then there will be no regrets and no buried feeling of anger or resentment that can follow you both around.
How to Learn to Trust Again After My Wife Cheated on Me
There are some simple things to do that can show you how to learn to trust again. The process of coping, healing and moving on, if done right will help you trust again eventually but your wife has to really prove herself trustworthy after making you feel, "My wife cheated on me". 
  • First thing your wife needs to show you she is sincere about fixing the marriage. If she hasn't already she needs to stop the affair and never talk to the outsider again.
  • Second your wife needs to help you in any way possible while you learn to cope with the trauma and turmoil caused by the affair to you.
  • Third your wife needs to become transparent to you. Her betraying you, and making you feel nothing was wrong when there was makes how to learn to trust again much harder.
  • Fourth your wife needs to seek counseling to show how serious she is about winning back your trust and repairing the marriage. Later you both can go together and find out how to keep infidelity out of your marriage and promote fidelity, happiness, and communication.
How to learn to trust again after my wife cheated on me can prove to be difficult. Knowing why she cheated and discovering the things in the marriage that allowed the infidelity can provide all the information to move on. Then you decide if the marriage is worth saving and in the process, trusting again will just happen.

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