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Know if your wife is cheating on you./01/23/2017/cheating wife

Before i begun this topic to share to you please bear in mind that i have no intention to hurt or to give a reason to make an argument between any person who might read this article to doubt to her partner.

  No body wants to believe their wife is cheating on them but there are signs your wife is cheating on you. Your gut feeling could be right and you could be right in suspecting your wife of cheating on you. On the other hand, your gut instinct could be wrong, sometimes we are all guilty of a little paranoia especially concerning the one we love. If you want to know if your wife is cheating on you, read on.
Unfortunately, there is no sure-fire way to know this. Everybody acts differently and there are many reasons for a change in behavior or mood swings. If you can't think why your wife is acting oddly, it could be for a lot of reasons other than that she is cheating on you.
All of the following signs your wife is cheating on you could be totally innocent. There are signs of a cheating wife that can be easily explained, so before you get suspicious think of any other possible reasons for her change in behavior. However, these are possible signs many cheaters display:
Sign #1
If she has taken an unusual interest in her appearance. Taking an unusual interest in new clothes or make up then it could mean she wants to look her best for someone else. Please note, however, that women do often have times when they want to change their appearance for no one but herself and maybe even you!
Sign #2
If you are finding it increasingly difficult to get hold of your wife at work or at the office for no apparent reason, then she could be spending this time with another man. Take note of her behavior and think if there could be an explanation for her absence. For example, if she has been promoted at work it could explain why she is more difficult to get hold of. You could show up at her workplace to catch your wife in a lie.
Sign #3
Does she seem distracted or preoccupied? If so, ask yourself why this could be. If she seems distracted to a unusually great extent then it could be pressure or guilt concerning her affair. This is one of the most common signs of a cheating wife.
Sign #4
If she is spending more time than usual with her friends or family, she could be using this as a cover to see her lover. Cheating spouses often use this excuse.
Sign #5
Similarly, if your wife has taken up a new hobby or has started going to the gym to the point of obsession, then it could be a sign your wife is having an affair. Bear in mind most women want to lose weight regularly, at least twice a year; straight after Christmas and in time for beach season.
Sign #6
Have you noticed any changes in your wife's car? Has the passenger seat been pushed back or adjusted in some other way? Look for this and other clues in your wife's car. Many cheaters have been caught out this way.

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